Oyaji book
Machida Dads' Club (Machida Oyaji no Kai)

This is a group of fathers of kids with autism and other developmental disorders. (My youngest son has autism.) Back in 2004 we published a collection of essays about our experiences.

Sports class
Machida Sports Classroom for Children with Disabilities

I've also been helped out for many years at a Saturday afternoon sports classroom for children (and adults, now) with disabilities run by the City of Machida in its Asahimachi Gymnasium. The classroom celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017, and I edited and designed a commemorative pamphlet.

TV Appearances

Between 1994 and 2010 I occasionally did commentary for NHK, Japan’s public TV channel. Most of the pieces were on topics of immediate interest to me such as problems with the educational system, issues relating to globalization and/or the role(s) of foreigners or minorities in Japan, developmental disabilities, etc. All of these are in Japanese; if you're interested (and can read them!), take a look at the
Japanese language version of this page.